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We’re a family-owned business that loves our local community and sharing ultra premium ice cream with it.

We moved to Hoboken after 11 years in the Lower East Side, and fell in love with the charm of this amazing town. Jeff, the head chef, grew up near a dairy barn outside Boston and has been in love with ice cream ever since, often starting each morning with a spoonful.

In a quest to find the perfect scoop, Jeff attended Ice Cream University (yes, actually a thing) at Penn State University for a 3-day course to learn the food science behind balancing perfect texture and flavor. After a few years of practicing with family and friends, we’re finally ready to share some of our favorite flavors.

Our Philosophy

We churn in small batches with high-quality local ingredients so that we can deliver an ultra premium ice cream experience to all those that choose to indulge. While many ice cream brands whip excessive air into the product (50% or more), we churn our ice cream slow (30%... you don't want lower than that) so that every scoop is a chewy and creamy bite of frozen deliciousness. So stop buying air, start buying rich local cream, and reach out to Moo Jersey today.

Mila (left) manages logistics and ensures every scoop is delivered timely

Julian (top) is a booth baby and still waiting for his mom to let him try his first scoop :)


*Community - We want everything we do to have a positive impact in bringing together our local town

*Soul - We aspire to use milk only from farms that have deep respect for cows. Contrary to the usual marketing, the vast majority of ice cream companies source milk from not-to-pleased cows. 

*Elevated Premium - We want to provide a luxurious ice cream experience with classic flavors... without having to hide behind sugary toppings for a tasty punch