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About Us​

Moo Jersey makes craft ice cream flavors in Hoboken, New Jersey. We make everything from scratch, including our proprietary sweet cream base, to ensure only the finest ice cream experience. We love being a part of the 07030 and are highly active within town… follow us on instagram to keep up-to-date with our latest flavors and events. And yea, our website sucks, I know. 

And if you are here cause you want the Hoboken Street Parking schedule laid out more reasonably, go here:

Our Story

Before starting Moo Jersey, our Head Cow, Jeff, spent an entire life time eating his way through the finest ice creams in the Northeast. After three decades of tasting, Jeff enrolled in the school he has always belonged to be in: Ice Cream University at Penn State. 

After devouring coursework, meeting a dose of ice cream nerds, and investing hours churning behind the machine, Jeff finally had an ice cream product he was ready to share.